API® Pond Spring Clarity Bundle: Accu Clear, EcoFix & AlgaeFix

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

SKU: 999B

The API® Pond Clarity Bundle is the perfect all-in-one clarity solution for any pond — keeping your water clean, clear and healthy! For over 50 years, API® has helped pond owners keep their ponds in peak condition. This convenient package contains the following products:

Pond Accu Clear, 1 Gallon (142C)
This water clarifier quickly eliminates cloudy water by causing dirt, silt and floating particles to cluster together into larger clumps that fall to the pond floor or can be removed by pond filtration. 

Pond EcoFix Sludge Destroyer, 1 Gallon (147C)
This bacterial cleaner reduces build-up of fish waste and pond sludge. Its high concentrations of beneficial bacteria break down algae and fish waste, dead leaves, grass clippings, and other organic debris.

Pond AlgaeFix, 1 Gallon (169C)
This algae control product eliminates green water algae, string algae, hair algae, and blanketweed — all without harming fish or plants when used as directed.

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