API® Pond EcoFix® Sludge Destroyer

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

SKU: 147B

API® Pond Ecofix® Sludge Destroyer makes pond water clean and clear by breaking down dead algae. Increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen in pond water through the elimination of sludge build-up. The result is clean, clear water and a healthy pond environment for fish! Can be used in standard ponds or ponds with salt. 

  • Helps create a healthy ecosystem for pond fish
  • Can be used in ponds containing salt
Application Treatment Amount Treatment Length
Initial spring dose / 
Closing autumn dose
1/4 cup per 250 gallons Twice per week for 2 weeks
Maintenance dose 2 Tbsp per 250 gallons Once every 2 weeks

SKU Size UPC Code
147B 16oz 317163021477
147D 64oz 317163041475
147C 128oz (gallon) 317163031476

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