API® Pond Fish Food for Koi & Goldfish - 4mm Pellets

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

SKU: 198

API® Pond Fish Food is formulated to support health and immune systems in pond fish, such as Koi and goldfish, using high quality ingredients including vitamins, antioxidants, garlic and prebiotic yeast. Contains no artificial colors! This formula ensures that fish get the essential proteins they need for growth. 

Supplemented with polychaete worms, pea protein and marigold for increased palatability, digestibility and color enhancement. API® Pond Fish Food is a source of 100% complete, balanced nutrition.

Feeding Instructions
Use when water temperatures are above 60°F. Feed your fish 2-3 times daily, as much as they will eat in 5-10 minutes.

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198 317163001981 11.5oz
198D 317163041987 1.56lb
198F 317163061985 2.68lb

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