Aqua Meds® Aqua-Prazi™ Praziquantel Powder

Aqua Meds


AquaMeds® specializes in water treatments focusing on Koi care and beneficial pond bacteria, consulting with an expert veterinarian on aquaculture health and nutrition.

Aqua-Prazi™ praziquantel powder is a safe and effective Koi medication for treating parasites such as flukes and internal tapeworms. Unlike other fluke treatments, it does not stress Koi or set back pond filters.

  • Does not contain fillers or additional medications
  • Can be used in Salted Ponds
  • Safe when used in proper dosage

Application Instructions
Each gram treats 100 gallons. No water change needed. In most cases, one treatment is sufficient, though some ponds may require 2 treatments.

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