Aqua Meds® Buff-It-Up™ KH Booster

Aqua Meds


AquaMeds® specializes in water treatments focusing on Koi care and beneficial pond bacteria, consulting with an expert veterinarian on aquaculture health and nutrition.

Buff-It-Up is a rich calcium source designed to boost carbon hardness (KH) in the water to stabilize pH levels. It helps maintain ideal pH and prevent pH crashes! This gentle and safe enhancement for freshwater environment is a benefit to the beneficial bacteria population, fish colors, and water clarity.

  • Supports the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Encourages brighter and crisper colors in Koi fish
  • Improves water clarity
  • No phosphates or caustics!

Application Instructions
Check for total alkalinity. If below 120 ppm, use one measuring cup per 2000 gallons of water and recheck total alkalinity two hours later. Ideal alkalinity range is 120-240 ppm. Do not exceed 400 ppm alkalinity.

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