Aqua Meds® De-Tox Plus™ Water Conditioner

Aqua Meds


AquaMeds® specializes in water treatments focusing on Koi care and beneficial pond bacteria, consulting with an expert veterinarian on aquaculture health and nutrition.

De-Tox Plus simultaneously detoxifies chlorinate and chloramines and adds electrolytes that encourage the fish slime coat. This is especially necessary when using tap water to fill your pond! Municipal tap water intentionally includes chlorine which, though seen as benefits for human health, are actually quite dangerous for fish.

  • Detoxifies chlorine and destroys chloramine
  • Adds essential electrolytes that promote fish's natural slime coat
  • Does not affect pH levels
  • Safe for pets, plants, wildlife

Note: De-Tox Plus will neutralize potassium permanganate treatments, so wait 24 hours after using De-Tox Plus to use a PP treatment. De-Tox Plus will also cause Nessler's ammonia test kits to give a false high ammonia reading.

Application Instructions
Shake well before using. Use 1 tsp per 10 gallons (1 cup per 480 gallons). Add to the pond before adding the tap water to the pond. Do not use on fish intended for human consumption.

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