Aqua Meds® Dual Blend™ Summer-Winter Beneficial Bacteria

Aqua Meds


AquaMeds® specializes in water treatments focusing on Koi care and beneficial pond bacteria, consulting with an expert veterinarian on aquaculture health and nutrition.

Dual Blend combines all the benefits of Arctic Blend and Summer Blend bacteria in one specially formulated dry concentrated beneficial bacteria that benefits the pond ecosystem and fish. The Arctic Blend is not just nitrifying bacteria (which goes dormant during winter), but contains some anaerobic bacteria from the Arctic ocean that continue their work against ammonia, even during the frigid winter months.

  • Helps reduce the heavy bio-load during the hot summer months: reducing organic waste, removing excess ammonia and nitrites and nitrates
  • Reduces spring clean-up by continuing to work during winter months: lowering ammonia and reducing built-up organic debris
  • 100% natural bacteria; contains no chemicals, antibiotics, or medications
  • Safe for plants, pets, and wildlife
  • Works in water as cold as 35°F

Application Instructions
Dilute in a cup of pond water and add to the pond. If cold weather makes it difficult to mix into the pond water, you can use chlorine-free tap water or bottled water. Use included one-gram spoon to measure.

Initial Treatment (First 4 Days) Maintenance Treatment
6 grams per 1000 gallons daily
4 grams per 1000 gallons every 2 weeks

Not for fish intended for human consumption

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