Aqua Meds® Pond Support™ Beneficial Bacteria

Aqua Meds


AquaMeds® specializes in water treatments focusing on Koi care and beneficial pond bacteria, consulting with an expert veterinarian on aquaculture health and nutrition.

Pond Support helps keep your pond clear and your fish healthy and growing. The beneficial bacteria and carbonates benefit pond filter performance as well, helping pond water remain fresh and clear. It also removes ammonia, nitrites, and phosphate levels, which can all cause harm to aquatic life if left untreated. 

  • Boosts beneficial bacteria in the pond filter
  • Dissolves organic sludge caused by leaves, fish waste, etc.
  • Adds carbonates to the pond water, stabilizing pH levels
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfide and the foul odors
  • Safe for plants, pets, and wildlife
  • No chemicals!

Application Instructions
Remove carbon from pond filter and turn off UV sterilizer for 48 hours after application. Apply every 2 weeks, or every week until desired results are achieved. Mix with a gallon of pond water and disperse around the pond or into a waterfall or outlet of a filter so that it circulates through the pond without going through the filter. Discontinue using when water drops below 50°F. 

Initial Treatment Maintenance Treatment
2 ounces per 1,000 gallons
1 ounce per 1,000 gallons

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