AquaSprouts Aquaponics Garden Kit



Do you want to get your hands wet with aquaponics, the art of growing fish and plants in a symbiotic relationship? There is no easier way to start a hydroponic herb garden with ornamental fish than with the AquaSprouts Garden Kit. 
  • Natural symbiosis as fish provide nutrients for plants and plants clean fish water
  • Beautiful display combines fish tank with herbs and greens, grown year-round
  • System works easily and reliably, with minimal water changes and no filters!
  • Educational tool shows kids how the natural environment works
The AquaSprouts Garden includes everything you need to turn a 10 gallon aquarium into a fascinating ecosystem and year-round indoor herb garden! Just add the aquarium and your choice of herbs and plants. Includes:
  • Hollow aquarium frame and planter tray, made of ABS plastic, is lightweight for easy transport and small enough to fit on a small table or bookshelf
  • 9.5 Watt, 160gph pump with mechanical timer circulates water through the plants for 15 minutes every hour, facilitating water filtration and plant growth
  • Light bar allows you to mount a 2' grow light of your choice (not included) or can be removed in case you opt for using natural light from a window or skylight
  • Clay pebble media takes the place of soil while providing ample surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria that naturally filter the aquarium water
Additionally, some optional accessories are available.
  • T-5 Grow Light hangs on the light bar and will provides light to your plants
  • Submersible LED Aquarium Light illuminates and beautifies your aquarium
  • Light Bar Extention let you raise your light above taller plants

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