Aqua Ultraviolet® Ultima II Filter Replacement Parts

Aqua Ultraviolet

SKU: A50022

These replacement parts and accessories are for the Aqua Ultraviolet® Ultima II Filters. Some are parts of the valve assembly: Valve Handle, Valve Cover O-Ring, Spider Gasket, Pressure Gauge and Sight Glass with Gasket. Some are parts of the filter assembly: a 1.5" or 2" Union, Filter O-Ring, Clamp Assembly, or Drain Cap. 

SKU UPC Code Description
A50061 617750500614 Complete Key Handle Assembly, 1.5"
A50062 617750500621 Complete Key Handle Assembly, 2"
A50067 617750500676 2" Valve Handle
A50063 617750500638 1.5" Valve Cover O-Ring
A50068 617750500683 2" Valve Cover O-Ring
A50024 617750500249 Spider Gasket for 2" Valve
A50057 617750500577 Pressure Gauge
A50040 617750500409 Sight Glass with Gasket
A50184 617750501840 1.5" Filter Union (Formerly #40083)
A50185 617750501857 2" Filter Union (Formerly #40084)
A50055 617750500553 Filter O-Ring
A50056 617750500560 Clamp Assembly with Screws (2000 & Up)
A50042 617750500423 Drain Cap with O-Ring, 1" (Old Style)

Additional parts (including Drain Screen, Media and Complete Multiport Head) are available by special order. Contact us to order these parts.

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