GC Tek AquaBead and AlphaONE Bead Filter Replacement Parts

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The following parts fit various sizes of GCTek AquaBead and AlphaONE filters.

SKU Description Size Compatible Filter
GAU Pressure Gauge
ABCAP1 *Old-Style* (Pre-2010) Black Cap
with Pressure Relief Valve,
O-Ring Gasket and Wrench
~6" Dia  1.75, 2.50, 4.25
ABCAP2 ~8.5" Dia 6.0, 9.0

*New-Style* Clear Cap

~8" Dia
~10" Dia
OR10L 10" O-Ring
.75SLDGDRVAL Sludge Drain Valve
3/4" 1.75, 2.50, 4.25
1.5SLDGDRVAL 1-1/2" 6.0, 9.0, 10.0


*ATCLR8 is an almost flat lid with no inner ridges.

*ATCLR10 is slightly domed with inner ridges.

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