Aquascape AquaGarden Tabletop Fountain Kits, Available in 2 Colors


SKU: 78346

The Aquascape AquaGarden Tabletop Fountain Kit can bring a soothing, decorative miniature waterfall into any room! This miniature water feature is durable and long-lasting, easy to setup and simple to locate. Simply place in your preferred location, add the included media, fill with water, and enjoy.

This mini pond holds 96 ounces (0.75 gallons) of water and can be a habitat for a wide variety of plants. The integrated plant and waterfall filter simultaneously provides a home for aquatic plants and a biological filter to clear and clean the water. The LED waterfall light can be used to accentuate the water feature.


  • Durable injection-molded basin with textured finish
  • Integrated plant shelf / waterfall filter
  • Expanded clay grow media (planting substrate / biological filter media)
  • Decorative gravel
  • Integrated LED plant/waterfall light
  • Water pump with low-suction attachment 
SKU Description Dimensions
78346 AquaGarden Fountain Kit, Mocha 11.5" Diameter x 5" Tall
78347 AquaGarden Fountain Kit, Steel Gray

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