Aquascape® Check Valve Assemblies and Replacement Parts


SKU: 29098

Check Valve Assemblies are necessary for connecting pumps to the pond plumbing. The Aquascape® dual union check valves allow you to disconnect the pump and plumbing from a filter without draining all the water. See below for details on matching check valves to the appropriate filters and pumps.

Check Valve Assemblies
SKU UPC Code Product Filter Use Pump Use Wt
29098 827807290980 3" CVA Grande Skimmer;
Pondless® Vault
with Extension;
Large Snorkel Vault
AquascapePRO 10000

Parts for Check Valve Assembly
SKU UPC Code Description
29513 827807295138 2" Slip Fitting
29515 827807295152 2" Threaded Collar
29475 827807294759 2" x 1.5" Check Valve Adapter for Aquasurge pumps
29511 827807295114 2" Check Valve Adapter for Signature Series™ 6.0, 8.0, 400, or 1000 Skimmers

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