Aquascape® Clean for Ponds - Organic Muck and Sludge Treatment


SKU: 96062

Aquascape® Clean for Ponds helps you optimize the water quality and water clarity of your pond, while simultaneously reducing filter maintenance. Contains a powerful blend of heterotrophic bacteria that digest organic waste and sludge in filter mats, biological filter media, and between rocks and gravel!
  • Cleans between rocks and gravel while keeping filters clean
  • Digests sludge caused by decomposing leaves, debris, waste, and uneaten food
  • Each ounce treats 625 gallons (each pump treats 100 gallons)
  • Safe for fish, plants, pets and wildlife
SKU UPC Code Description
96062 742575960623 Clean for Ponds, 16oz
96063 742575960630 Clean for Ponds, 32oz
96064 742575960647 Clean for Ponds, 128oz (Gallon)

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