Aquascape® Clean for Ponds XT


SKU: 40052

Aquascape® Clean for Ponds XT makes it easy to optimize the quality and clarity of pond water — while simultaneously reducing filter maintenance!

It contains a powerful blend of heterotrophic bacteria that digest organic waste and sludge caused by uneaten fish food, fish waste, decomposing leaves, or other organic debris. This concentrated bacteria cleans between rocks and gravel while also removing debris from filter mats and biological filter media.

  • Safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife
  • Available in regular strength or triple-concentrated (3X) formula for larger ponds
  • Usable in temperatures ranging from 60°F-100°F
  • Use with Smart Pond Dosing System XT (automated treatment dispenser)
 SKU Description Compatible
Pond Size
Total Treatment

40052 Clean for Ponds XT, 64oz All Sizes Up to 166,000 gallons
40053 Clean for Ponds XT, Gallon Up to 332,000 gallons
40036 Clean for Ponds XT, 64oz
(3X Concentrate)
1500 gallons
or larger
Up to 498,000 gallons
40037 Clean for Ponds XT, Gallon
(3X Concentrate)
Up to 996,000 gallons

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