Aquascape® Clear for Ponds XT


SKU: 40050

Aquascape® Clear for Ponds XT is specially formulated to eliminate unsightly water conditions, solving even the most stubborn water quality problems.

It contains a blend of clarifiers to remove cloudiness or discoloration in water, as well as to reduce debris that attaches to rocks and gravel. It also contains a powerful phosphate binder that locks up excess nutrients that contribute to other water quality problems.

  • Safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife
  • Available in regular strength or triple-concentrated (3X) formula for larger ponds
  • Usable in temperatures ranging from 60°F-100°F
  • Use with Smart Pond Dosing System XT (automated treatment dispenser)
 SKU Description Compatible
Pond Size
Total Treatment

40050 Clear for Ponds XT, 64oz All Sizes Up to 166,000 gallons
40051 Clear for Ponds XT, Gallon Up to 332,000 gallons
40034 Clear for Ponds XT, 64oz
(3X Concentrate)
1500 gallons
or larger
Up to 498,000 gallons
40035 Clear for Ponds XT, Gallon
(3X Concentrate)
Up to 996,000 gallons

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