Aquascape® Premium Cold Water Fish Food Pellets


SKU: 98870

If you want happy and healthy pond fish, you need to be feeding a high-quality fish food. Aquascape® Premium Cold Water Fish Food Pellets are specially formulated with wheat germ for cold water conditions (as low as 50°F) and provide your fish with the nutrition they need to thrive: Spirulina for color enhancement, wheat germ and Bacillus Subtilis natto to aid digestion and reduction of fish waste, high-quality protein to optimize growth rates, stabilized vitamin C and other quality ingredients. It is scientifically formulated for all pond fish, including Koi and goldfish.

  • Floating pellet promotes brilliant colors in pond fish
  • Helps keep water clean and clear
  • Reduces fish waste and aids digestion
  • High-quality protein
  • Will not break apart or cloud water
SKU UPC Code Bag Size Suitable Fish Size
98870 742575987702 1.1lb Bag Small Fish, 1" to 5"
98871 742575987719 2.2lb Bag Medium Fish, 5" to 10"
98872 742575987726 4.4lb Bag Large Fish, 8" and larger
81047 742575810478 11lb Bag
81003 742575810034 22lb Bag
81004 742575810041 44lb Bag

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