Aquascape® EcoWave™ Pond Pumps


SKU: 91131

Aquascape® EcoWave™ Pond Pumps are mag-drive pond and waterfall pumps especially designed for high flow rates. Smart motor technology and vortex-style impellers allow these pumps to push high amounts of water with extremely efficient energy use. They are ideal for use in low-head applications such as pond skimmers and Pondless® Waterfall Vaults. Numerous fittings are included: two 1"/1.25/1.5" multi-hose fittings, a 1.5" rotational ball fitting, a 2" FPT x 1.5" MPT fitting and a 1.5" FPT coupling.
  • Continuous duty, energy-efficient smart mag-drive technology
  • Oil-free design will not contaminate pond
  • Will not corrode or rust
  • Quiet and compact design
  • Includes plumbing adapter fittings
  • 3 year warranty
Model EcoWave™
SKU 91131 91132 91133 91134
UPC Code 742757911311 742575911328 742575911335 742575911342
Max Flowrate 2020gph 2960gph 4000gph 5000gph
Max Head 14.4' 17.5' 20' 21'
Wattage 65W 90W 130W 150W
Amperage 0.54A 0.75A 1.08A 1.25A
Outlet 2" MPT
Power Cord 20'

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