Aquascape EXT External Pond Pumps


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Aquascape EXT External Pond Pumps are designed for water feature applications requiring high flow with high efficiency from a non-submersible pump. These pumps operate oil-free, have low RPM, and boast a fan-cooled motor that provides quite operation and long life. The junction box on the pump motor allows for 115V or 230V electric to be customized on-site to meet each electrical requirements of the project.

  • Oil-free, low RPM motor for quiet operation and long pump life
  • Semi-closed vane impeller for efficient flow and handling 3/4" solids
  • Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) motor
  • All inlets and outlets include 4 bolt flange
EXT 12000
EXT 12000-3P
EXT 18000
EXT 18000-3P
Maximum Flowrate
Maximum Pump Head
Inlet 3"
Outlet 2"
Maximum Power
1100 Watts
736 Watts
3300 Watts
1932 Watts
Maximum Amperage
(115V / 230V)
10 / 5
3.2 / 1.6
30 / 15
8.4 / 4.2
Motor Size
3/4 HP 1 HP 3 HP
Phase Single 3-Phase Single 3-Phase
Power Cord
None Included
Data Sheet
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Special Note for 3-Phase Motors
The 3-phase motors can be used with an optional variable frequency drive (VFD). A VFD (not included) is a controller that varies the voltage and frequency of the motor, allowing you to control the water flow rate. The VFD can be used to schedule the pump to slow down during certain hours of the day (to conserve electricity) and speed up during other hours (to boost performance).

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