Aquascape® Scale Free and Foam Free Water Treatments for Fountains


SKU: 98907

Aquascape® Fountain Scale Free
Fountain Scale Free will protect your ornamental fountain from damage caused by calcium, scale and stain buildup. Scale buildup can permanently damage water pumps and clog fountain plumbing. Fountain Scale Free does not contain harsh chemicals or acids that often damage ornamental fountains, and will add the fresh clean smell of lavender to your fountain or water feature.
  • Helps keep water clean and clear of hard water deposits, white scale and foam
  • Adds the fresh clean sent of lavender
  • Non-toxic, safe for birds and animals

Aquascape® Fountain Foam Free
Fountain Foam Free will eliminate foam that will often build up in water features and around fast-moving water. Keep your water features looking their very best!

  • Helps maintain the beauty of your pond
  • Helps keep water clean and clear of foam
  • Non-toxic, safe for birds and animals
SKU UPC Product Description Treatment Amount
98907 742575989075 Fountain Scale Free, 8oz Each bottle treats up to 500 gallons
98908 742575989082 Fountain Foam Free, 8oz

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