Aquascape® Beneficial Lake Bacteria Packs


SKU: 40013

The Aquascape® Lake Bacteria Packs help restore biological balance in large ponds and lakes, keeping the water clean, clear, and healthy and reducing the need for additional water quality maintenance. This formula is fortified with prebiotics to improve probiotic growth and to enhance water quality. This bacteria will not cause the "floating sawdust" effect often seen with other lake bacteria products.
  • Water soluble packs are easy to apply
  • Each pack treats 1/16 acre for 1 month
  • Only for use in large ponds and lakes
SKU UPC Code Description
40013 827807400136 Lake Bacteria Packs, 24ct
40014 827807400143 Lake Bacteria Packs, 48ct
40015 827807400150 Lake Bacteria Packs, 192ct

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