Aquascape® MicroFalls® and BioFalls® Replacement Parts


SKU: 29078

These replacement parts for the Aquascape® MicroFalls® Filters and previous models of the BioFalls® Filters: Mini BioFalls® (UltraFalls®), Standard BioFalls®, and Grande BioFalls®. Rock lips hold rocks, gravel and plants to help naturalize the unit. Filter mats are made of poly fiber for removing particulate debris.

SKU UPC Code Description
29078 827807290782 Filter Mat (57" x 29" x 2") for discontinued Grande BioFalls
29080 827807290805 Filter Mat (27" x 29" x 2") for discontinued Standard BioFalls
29082 827807290829 Filter Mat (17" x 20" x 2") for discontinued Mini BioFalls / UltraFalls 
98285 742575982854 Rock Tray (21.5" x 15" x 5")for current BioFalls 1000 or discontinued MicroFalls

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