Aquascape® 12V Power Accessories for LED Lighting Systems with or without Photo Cell with Timer


SKU: 84039

These Aquascape LED lighting accessories provide the additional supplies you need to connect your LED lights up properly. Photocells, transformers, splitters, and extension cables are available.

Quick-Connect 12V Photocell with Digital Timer
This photocell is fully programmable so that you can automate your LED lighting. Turn lights on at dusk, and turn them off again at dawn, or after 4, 6, or 8 hours of operation. Built-in memory retains settings in case of power loss. Photocell has maximum capacity of 60 Watts, a 36" cord, and a 5 Year Warranty. Does not include a transformer.

Quick-Connect 12V Transformers
These simple plug-in transformers with 6' power cord provide an easy, economical solution for low voltage lighting fixtures. Each transformer includes one quick-connect port, so using one transformer for multiple lights would require a splitter. Combined wattage of all lights must be equal or less than the wattage of the transformer. Transformers available with or without built-in photocell.

Quick-Connect Splitters
Splitters provide an easy way to combine lights into a single transformer. Splitters can be plugged into other splitters to provide even more outlets. 36" Cord.

Quick-Connect Extension Cables
These extension cables are 25' long, ideal for when pond is far away from a power source. Each connection is weatherproof, so connection is safe and easy. An extension cable is available with 5 additional quick-connects, spaced at 5' intervals along the cord, combining an extension cord and splitter into one.

SKU Description UPC Code
84039 Photocell with Digital Timer 742575840390
98375 6W Transformer 742575983752
98485 20W Transformer 742575984858
98486 60W Transformer 742575984865
99070 60W Transformer with Photocell 742575990705
01002 150W Transformer with Photocell 827807010021
98489 3-Way LED Splitter 742575984896
84022 6-Way LED Splitter 742575840222
98998 25' LED Extension Cable 827807303871
84023 25' LED Extension Cable, 5 Quick Connects 742575840239

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