Aquascape® Pond Aeration System Replacement Parts


SKU: 75002

These replacement parts bring the Aquascape® Pond Aeration Kits back to peak performance! The Aquascape® Pond Aeration Kits for Small Ponds will effectively oxygenate your pond, helping all biological processes and creating a more stable environment, resulting in healthier fish and plants. 

  • Cartridge & Renew Kit - Replacement diaphragm and assembly for air pump
  • Replacement Airline - 25' length of 3/16" winter-resistant silicone tubing
  • Replacement Aeration Disc - 4" diameter diffuser is more durable and effective than typical air stones
SKU UPC Code Description
75002 742575750026 25' Aeration Tubing with Check Valve
75003 742575750033 Diaphragm Kit for Pond Aerator 2 (#75000)
75004 742575750040 Diaphragm Kit for Pond Aerator 4 (#75001)
75005 742575750057 Aeration Disc, Each

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