AquascapePRO® Professional-Grade Pond Fish & Skimmer Nets


SKU: 50000

AquascapePRO® pond nets are designed and built for professional pond maintenance crews. The heavy-duty 3' handle collapses for storage, allowing the net to be safely transported from one pond to the next. Its durable construction is able to handle large amounts of debris, and a protective strip at the bottom of the net protects it from damage. The rubber grip and lightweight handle make it easy to use and maneuver, while the nylon handle loop makes it easy to store.

SKU 50000 50001
UPC Code 827807500003 827807500010
Description Pond and Fish Net Pond Skimmer Net
Uses All-Purpose; Fish Handling Debris Removal
Net Mesh
Soft, coarse mesh
Safe for fish fins or scales
Soft, fine mesh
Effective for collecting debris

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