Aquascape® 10" Rubber Membrane Aeration Diffuser


SKU: 61010

Aquascape® 10" Rubber Membrane Aeration Diffusers are ideal for aeration systems in ponds and water features. The self-cleaning EPDM rubber membrane expands to release debris for clog-resistant operation and maximum dissolved oxygen output. Heavy-duty construction ensures that it will last for years, and the tapered 3/8" barb inlet fitting makes it compatible with most aeration devices.
  • Self-cleaning EPDM membrane expands to clear clogged debris
  • Oversized ends elevate diffuser to allow maximum airflow
  • Interior weighted ballast keeps diffuser anchored to pond floor
  • 3/8" barbed inlet fitting makes installation quick and easy
  • Compatible with most aeration devices
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61010 827807610108 10" Rubber Membrane Diffuser

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