Aquascape® Stacked Slate Sphere Fountain Kits


SKU: 78249

Transform any setting by incorporating the sight and sound of water with the Aquascape® Medium Stacked Slate Sphere Landscape Fountain Kit! This kit includes everything needed for a complete, functioning fountain: an ornamental feature, a fountain basin, a pump, and tubing.

Water surges from the center of the fountain, spilling over the textured front for a trickling cascade. The fiberglass-resin composite is lightweight and durable, with finish that looks and feels like real stone. 

SKU 78249 78290
Description Extra Small Stacked Slate Sphere
Landscape Fountain Kit
Medium Stacked Slate Sphere
Landscape Fountain Kit
Fountain Size 18" Diameter x 16.25" H
32" Diameter x 30"H
Included Basin AquaBasin® 30
(30"L x 30"W x 12"H)
AquaBasin® 45
(44.5"L x 44.5"W x 16"H)
Included Pump Ultra 550 Pump Ultra 1500 Pump

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