Aquascape® Submersible Pond Filter


SKU: 95110

The Aquascape® Submersible Pond Filter provides pond owners with efficient mechanical and biological filtration. This unobtrusive filter can be added to the intake of almost any submersible water pump resulting in crystal-clear water and maintenance-free pumps. A pre-filtration sponge pack of mechanical/biological media prevents small debris from clogging impeller, while ceramic filtration rings provide huge surface area for beneficial bacteria colonization for biological filtration.
  • Provides additional mechanical and biological filtration
  • Large surface area prevents debris from clogging filter
  • Removable cage for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Threaded intake and multi-hose adapter to attach to most pumps
SKU UPC Code Description
95110 742575951102 Submersible Pond Filter
95111 742575951119 Replacement Ceramic Bio-Media
95112 742575951126 Replacement Filter Foam

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