Aquascape 27" Textured Gray Slate Patio Pond — Container Water Garden


SKU: 78050

Aquascape Patio Ponds are lovely basins for a miniature water garden to transform your outdoor space. Fill your deck, patio, porch, or balcony with the music of flowing water and the display of plants and small fish.

Setting up your Patio Pond is simple with the integrated plant shelf and plumbing ports. You can create a water feature with a fountain, pump, or spitter. You can create a habitat with aquatic plants and small fish. If adding fish, it is recommended to pair with the Aquascape Container Water Garden Filter.

  • Integrated plant shelf and plumbing ports
  • Durable, lightweight fiber-resin with realistic earthenware finish
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Available in 2 sizes
Size Total Volume
27" Patio Pond 27 Gallons 27"L x 27"W x 14"H

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