Aquascape® 3/8" Weighted Airline


SKU: 61011

Aquascape® Weighted Aeration Tubing works great for aeration systems in ponds and water features. While many types of aeration tubing float to the surface, this tubing will stay out of sight, safely hidden at the bottom of the pond -- without the need for weights. Constructed of thick-walled, puncture-resistant, extruded PVC, this tubing will not kink yet stays flexible, even in cold weather.
  • Smooth interior reduces friction to maximize airflow and minimize pressure
  • UV-resistant, lead-free, fish-safe and easily hidden
  • 2" minimum bend radius
  • Rated for all temperatures
  • Tubing itself does not diffuse air
SKU UPC Code Description
61011 827807610115 3/8" x 25' Weighted Aeration Tubing
61014 827807610146 3/8" x 100' Weighted Aeration Tubing

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