PerformancePro Artesian2 / ArtesianPRO Dial-A-Flow Pumps


SKU: A2-1.6N-HH-DAF 115v

The Artesian2 and ArtesianPRO pumps are molded of tough, corrosion-resistant glass-reinforced polypropylene, extremely strong and built for long term service. Their good self-priming characteristics allow them to be positioned above the supply source. The carefully designed internal water passages provide for high flow rates with minimal water noise. An easy-open Lexan™ lid provides easy viewing and access to the oversized strainer basket, which makes installation and service quick and easy. PerformancePro pumps combine high efficiency and reliability in an external, self-priming pump that will last for years and provide great electricity savings.

The Dial-A-Flow pumps give you the advantages of the high quality, self-priming Artesian pumps with the flexibility of adjusting the flow.    NOTE:  The computer to control the pump which allows you many options for when to turn off and on or to change speeds is mounted on top of the pump and programmed from there (It is not smart phone compatible).   Because their is a weather resistant digital screen on top of the pump, this pump should be provided some degree of protection from the sun and rain etc.   

  • 3-phase motor for premium efficiency
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled motor for maximum protection and reliability
  • Variable speed allows you to only pay for what you use for your application
  • Get extra pressure for back-washing filters OR extra flow for a water feature
Model HP Volts Inlet/
Pump Head
Type RPM
A2-1.6-HH-DAF 0-1.65


2" 8100gph
TEFC Variable
A2-1.6-HF-DAF 2" 9500gph 51'
AP-1.6-HH-DAF 3" 12100gph 42'
AP-1.6-HF-DAF 3" 9100gph 67'
A2-2.7-HH-DAF 0-2.7 230 2" 10200gph 81' 1Ø TEFC Variable
A2-2.7-HF-DAF 2" 12600gph 52'
AP-2.7-HH-DAF 3" 12300gph 79'
AP2.7-HF-DAF 3" 14700gph 50'

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