PerformancePro Artesian2 / ArtesianPRO Dial-A-Flow Pumps


SKU: A2-2.7-HH-DAF

The Artesian2 and ArtesianPRO pumps are molded of tough, corrosion-resistant glass-reinforced polypropylene, extremely strong and built for long term service. Their good self-priming characteristics allow them to be positioned above the supply source. The carefully designed internal water passages provide for high flow rates with minimal water noise. An easy-open Lexan™ lid provides easy viewing and access to the oversized strainer basket, which makes installation and service quick and easy. PerformancePro pumps combine high efficiency and reliability in an external, self-priming pump that will last for years and provide great electricity savings.

The Dial-A-Flow pumps give you the advantages of the high quality, self-priming Artesian pumps with the flexibility of adjusting the flow.

  • 3-phase motor for premium efficiency
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled motor for maximum protection and reliability
  • Variable speed allows you to only pay for what you use for your application
  • Get extra pressure for back-washing filters OR extra flow for a water feature
Model HP Type RPM Volts
A2-2.7-HH-DAF 0-2.7 1Ø TEFC Variable 230
A2-2.7-HF-DAF 0-2.7 1Ø TEFC Variable 230
AP-2.7-HH-DAF 0-2.7 1Ø TEFC Variable 230
AP2.7-HF-DAF 0-2.7 1Ø TEFC Variable 230

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