Atlantic Water Gardens Typhoon Pond Clarifier+™ Concentrated Dry Bacteria Tablets

Atlantic Water Gardens


Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Clarifier+™ boasts concentrated bacteria in 3oz slow-release tablets with double the colony forming units (CFUs) per gram, as well as trace minerals that accelerate organic removal and improve overall pond health.
  • Safe for fish, plants, livestock and pets
  • Each tablet treats 1/8 acre for 2 weeks
  • 6lb bucket contains 32 tablets, 24lb bucket contains 128 tablets
Pond Size (Surface Acres)
Dosage Rate (Every 2 Weeks)
1/4 Acre
2 Tablets
1/2 Acre
4 Tablets
3/4 Acre
6 Tablets
1 Acre
8 Tablets

SKU UPC Code Description
TPWPP06 727429170038 Pond Clarifier+™ 6lb
TPWPP24 727429170045 Pond Clarifier+™ 24lb

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