Atlantic Water Gardens 1.5" Bio-Balls Biological Media, 150 Pieces

Atlantic Water Gardens

SKU: BB1500

Atlantic Water Gardens Bio-Balls are extremely durable, lightweight plastic filter media that are easy to clean and reduce channeling. These pegged plastic balls are mainly used as biological media in ponds, since the 1.5" diameter balls have nearly 25 square inches of surface area for bacteria colonization. Simply place into a mesh bag and drop into the pond filter. 
  • 1.5" in diameter with approximately 25 square inches of surface area
  • Perfect for beneficial bacteria colonization
Note: Do not clean the BioBalls once they are cycled, or you will risk killing the beneficial bacteria that have grown on them, which are necessary for biological filtration.

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BB1500 727429001134 1.5" Bio-Balls Filter Media

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