Atlantic Water Gardens Color Changing ColorFalls

Atlantic Water Gardens


Color Changing ColorFalls
Add a whole new dimension to Formal Spillways! The modular body style offers easier maintenance, with a removable back for easy access and side plumbing ports. A more generous weir opening resists clogging and creates a thicker, fuller sheer for extra color and less wind deflection. The innovative modular design with easy-to-install threaded couplings makes connecting any number of falls together a snap! The LED light bar offers 48 vibrant color options and 16 patterns via remote control.

  • 5" lip extension
  • 1.5" FPT inlet
  • 20 foot power cord
  • 1 year warranty
  • All sizes of spillway come with a small transformer and a single-input control module with blue tooth interface (to operate from your smart phone).
SKU Weir Max Flow Projection Watts Dimensions
CC06 6" 600gph 8-10" @ 18"H 1-3W 6"W x 8"D x 3.5"H
CC12 12" 1200gph 8-10" @ 18"H 2-5W 12"W x 8"D x 3.5"H
CC24 24" 2400gph 8-10" @ 18"H 3-10W 24"W x 8"D x 3.5"H
CC36 36" 3600gph 8-10" @ 18"H 5-15W 36"W x 8"D x 3.5"H

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