Atlantic Water Gardens FallsFoam Expandable Foam Sealant

Atlantic Water Gardens

SKU: LF1100

Atlantic Water Gardens FallsFoam is an expandable foam sealant used to stabilize stones, fill voids and seal joints during waterfall construction. The 12 ounce DIY FallsFoam is perfect for homeowner projects, while the 29 ounce FallsFoam cartridges and foam guns are indispensable tools for professionals.

  • Fills cavities and voids beneath stones to create a well-hidden watertight seal to keep water from leaking
  • Helps prevent smaller stones from shifting or falling by anchoring them in place
  • Dries in minutes and fully cures in 24 hours

CAUTION: During dispensing, foam is flammable. Be careful while using FallsFoam, and always use eye protection and wear gloves! 

TIP: Use Handi-Cleaner® (link below) to dissolve foam while foam is still wet. Once dry, FallsFoam is VERY difficult to remove from skin and clothes! Also, be sure to clean your Foam Gun when you remove the empty foam can. This will prevent the foam from drying inside the gun which would render it unusable.

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