Atlantic Water Gardens InfiColor 3-Light LED Wiring Kit

Atlantic Water Gardens


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Atlantic Water Gardens new LED lighting system has been redesigned with all-new hardware. This InfiColor 3-Light Wiring Kit powers and connects up to four Atlantic Water Gardens Color Changing LED lights to the InfiColor Smart Module. The InfiColor Smart Module allows you to program up to 120 Watts of lighting via your smartphone (compatible with Android™ and Apple® devices). Control colors, sequences, brightnesses and transitions for up to 3 independent zones!
  • Color-Changing Lights can be linked and controlled in up to 3 separate zones
  • Solid state transformer is fully weatherproof for worry-free external use
  • Removable weatherproof caps for unused outlets
  • 1 year limited warranty
The InfiColor Smart Module
The heart of the new Atlantic Water Gardens Color Changing Lighting System, this module allows users to program custom color sequences and transition, set timing and scheduling, and use an Apple or Android mobile device (synced to the module via Bluetooth®) to unlock the full spectrum of RGB options for their lights — more than 16 million individual colors. The Smart Module can control up to 120 Watts of lights in up to 3 zones (each up to 40 Watts), meaning that you can have up to 3 distinct programmed sequences going at once. Each module includes pigtail adapters so that you can retrofit existing Atlantic Color Changing Lighting or Color Changing ColorFalls ot the InfiColor system. 
  • No remote needed, as system uses Bluetooth® technology
  • Select color visually or by using RGB sliders and adjust brightness easily
  • Combine and save custom color sequences as Favorites on the app
  • Select from 5 transitions and adjust the speed as desired
SKU UPC Code Compatibility Input Output Includes
CCSM30X3 727429006948 InfiColor
3-Light Wiring Kit
InfiColor 30W Transformer,
InfiColor Smart Module,
(3) SOL Pigtail Adapters

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