Atlantic Water Gardens 24" x 39" Matala Filter Sheets



NOTE: The majority of our costs for Matala full sheets is the shipping cost, so we can offer heavily discount orders for multiple full sheets. Contact us with your shipping address and sheet count for a quote.

Most Atlantic Water Garden filters utilize the incredible filter sheets manufactured by Matala. The 24" x 39" sheets of filter media we have available below comes to us straight from Matala, the manufacturer that Atlantic Water Gardens utilizes for the filter pads.

Matala filter media is a progressive filter material that is self-supporting and multi-functional. These filter sheets are used in pre-filters, mechanical filtration, biological filtration, spawning mats, plant protection, and support for other filter media. Matala filter mats can be used to meet almost any filtration need. In larger systems, all four types can be used in sequence to essentially remove all solids.

  • Perfect for use in biological filters, settling tanks, and pump pre-filters
  • Ideal configuration is vertical rather than horizontal, for easier cleaning
  • Cut to size with a standard serrated knife to accommodate use in existing filter
Black Matala - Low Density
Black Matala is perfect for mechanical/solids filtering, and can be used as a support grate for other filter media due to its sturdy, open design. A single 1.5" thick layer can filter out leaves, algae, seed pods, trash and other debris. Multiple layers used together can filter out smaller particles without clogging. Even when 4-6 layers are utilized, flow rates of 600gph per square foot can still be achieved. Used worldwide for wastewater treatment, Black Matala can allow high volumes of water with very high biological oxygen demand.

Green Matala - Medium Density
Black Matala is perfect for filtering out medium particles, and can be cleaned out very easily by simply shaking out the filter media or spraying down with a garden hose. Green Matala makes a good biological filter, providing surface area with open spaces for good, aerated water flow.

Blue Matala - High Density
Blue Matala is perfect for filtering out smaller particles, while still maintaining good flow distribution. One of the most common for applications in which only one Matala pad is used.

Grey Matala - Super High Density
Grey Matala filters out much smaller particles, while still maintaining good flow distribution.

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