B-37B American 850001 S-10 Skimmer Basket in Black

Practical Garden Ponds

SKU: B-37B

This listing is for a B-37B which is also called an American 850001 or S-10 Skimmer Basket in Black. This basket fits the well known Helix Pond Skimmer and many other swimming pool and pond skimmers. The basket is 8 & 3/8" in diameter at the rim (the widest part and 7 & 1/4" wide at the bottom or the basket itself. The basket is 8" tall.

We offer this as a replacement basket by itself. 

We also offer the matching Floating weir which is a B-38B which fits this basket and the No-Niche Skimmer by Aladdin. 

And you can purchase both together as a set and save! 

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