Bag O'Barley Straw Bales Natural Water Clarifier

Bag O'Barley


These natural barley straw bales from Bag O'Barley are a natural way to keep pond water clear. Barley straw is a natural clarifier which reduces algae in ponds, releasing natural clarifying power as it decomposes. This fish-safe, plant-safe alternative to chemicals works constantly during the decomposition process.
  • Bales are loosely packed to allow for best flowrate
  • Comes pre-packed in mesh bag
Size UPC Code Treatment Area
4oz Bale 855938000017 500 Gallons
(3) 4oz Bales 855938000024 1,500 Gallons
(3) 8oz Bales 855938000048 3,000 Gallons
2lb Bale 855938000055 4,000 Gallons

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