GC Tek BioGems Media for AquaBead Filters

Grand Champion Technologies


Ships directly from the manufacturer, typically in 5-7 business days

These BioGems are the same filter media used in all AquaBead and AquaBead PLUS Systems.

Generally, filter beads are a floating media. The more buoyancy the beads have, the more effective they are. To increase buoyancy, each individual bead has been injected with air during manufacturing. This way, the beads stay afloat and stay away from the outlet slots on the bottom laterals, preventing the laterals from being clogged , which would prevent debris from being flushed out of the filter.

In addition to superior floating, BioGems have a dimpled surface, which adds more surface area and provides a non-abrasive area for bacteria. This allows undisturbed colonies of bacteria during backwash, thus creating a filter not prone to bacterial loss after backwashing.

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