Blue Diamond HC Series Chillers for Hydroponic and Aquarium Applications

Blue Diamond

SKU: HC-150A

Blue Diamond HC Series Chillers are ideal for use with hydroponics systems and fish tanks. Lower-temperature water can hold higher quantities of oxygen, benefiting the health of fish and plants. This can be especially necessary in aquarium applications, where high-intensity lighting and warm indoor temperatures can raise aquarium water temperature until the oxygen levels drop below healthy levels.

  • Digital temperature control technology ensures accuracy. Put in the temperature that you want to chill the water too, and the internal thermostat will turn the unit off and on as needed. Chills down to below freezing.  
  • On-board electronic display is quick and easy to use
  • Uses environmentally-friendly R134a refrigeration - no freon!
  • Anti-corrosive pure titanium evaporator suitable for freshwater and saltwater
  • Low noise
  • All models run on regular household current (110v) in the USA
Model Flowrate Water
Power Inlet/
Weight Dimensions
HC-150A 70-320gph 40 Gallons 1/10hp 0.51" 33lb 17" x 10" x 14"
HC-300A 260-660gph 80 Gallons 1/4hp 0.51" 41lb 18" x 13" x 17"
HC-500A 320-790gph 132 Gallons 1/2hp 0.51" 48lb 19" x 14" x 19"

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