Blue Diamond Air Pump Rebuild Kits and Parts

Blue Diamond


These rebuild kits and air filters are used for Blue Diamond air pumps, whether they be the ET Series, ETK Series, ETA Series, ETKA Series, ETP Series, and ETPA Series. Like all diaphragm air pumps, the Blue Diamond air pumps must have the diaphragms replaced, usually every 12-18 months.

Rebuild Kits include 2 Diaphragms, 1 Magnet Bar (Except for ET150/200 Rebuilt Kit), and 1 Air Filter, which return the pumps to full potential. Air filters are also available separately.

Pump Model Diaphragm Size
ET40(A) 2" Diameter
ET60(A) or ETP40(A) 2 3/8"  Diameter
ET80(A) or ETP60(A) 2 3/4"  Diameter
ET100(A) or ETP80(A) 3 1/8"  Diameter
ET120(A) or ETP100(A) 3 3/4"  Diameter
ET150(A) or ET200(A)



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