Blue Diamond V Series® Air Pumps with Multi-Outlet Manifold

Blue Diamond

SKU: V10

Blue Diamond V Series Air Pumps are specifically designed to pump air to multiple air stones in one or more aquarium or other applications.  Each pump includes a multi-outlet manifold.

  • Designed to run several air stones from a single pump
  • Robust alloy casing absorbs noise for whisper quiet operation
  • Suited to both intermittent and continuous duty use
  • Larger models have a removable filter cover which allows air to be taken from outside the grow room
Plain horizontal 10.0mm (0.31") O.D. outlet connection fits 3/8" I.D. tubing. Included plastic manifold fits standard aquarium airline tubing 3/16th".

1 Year Warranty
This warranty does not include the diaphragm kits, which are a replaceable, wearable part (typically replaced every 12-18 months). Warranties are at the discretion of the manufacturer as to whether the damage is due to misuse or to defect.

The most common problem with this and other larger air pumps is premature diaphragm tearing due to excessive back pressure. People don't tend to understand how much air the large sized pumps produce. If an air pump is powering too small of a diffuser or too few outlets, excessive back-pressure can occur. The solution is to add a tee with a ball valve or other "bleeder valve" so that excessive air can be bled off into the atmosphere. Start with the valve completely open and slowly close it until you have the maximum output from your air diffusers without unnecessary back pressure

Model Power Manifold Performance Dimensions
V10 10W 4-Way 35 cfm @ 0.2 bar 5.1" x 4.8" x 4.0"
V20 15W 4-Way 71 cfm @ 0.2 bar 9.1" x 7.3" x 7.1"
V30 25W 6-Way 106 cfm @ 0.2 bar 9.7" x 8.0" x 8.1"
V60 35W 10-Way 212 cfm @ 0.3 bar 10.6" x 9.5" x 8.3"

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