Replacement Matala® Filter Mats for Blue Thumb Waterfall Boxes

Blue Thumb


Replacement Matala® filter mats are available for Blue Thumb (formerly PondBuilder) Elite Series Waterfalls, Crystal Falls, and Serenity Waterfalls.

Compatible with Blue Thumb Product Dimensions
MT14GR Small Elite Waterfall (14" Wide) 12.7" x 12"
MT22GR Medium Elite Waterfall (22" Wide) 21.25" x 19.2"
MT30GR Large Elite Series Waterfall (30" Wide) 30" x 19.2"
CRYMAT14 14" Crystal Falls Waterfall 12.7" x 12"
CRYMAT20 20" Crystal Falls Waterfall 16" x 12.7"
SERMATWF Serenity Waterfall (14" Wide) 12.7" x 12"

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