Blue Thumb Fountain Basins

Blue Thumb

SKU: PB1946

Blue Thumb (formerly PondBuilder) Fountain Basins incorporate the features, strength, and ease of installation demanded by today’s professional installers. This innovative design includes a flat, supported top deck with recessed plumbing channels for hose and a pocket for a manifold. Whether installing a vase fountain, bubbling rock or any type of disappearing fountain, the versatility of the Blue Thumb Fountain Basin makes it the right product for every job.
  • Easy pump access with pre-molded channel for plumbing
  • Includes spinweld for autofill valve (Autofill not included)
  • 5 year warranty
Model Mini Basin Medium Basin* Large Basin*
SKU PB1946 PB1953 PB1960
Dimensions 16" x 16" x 16" 30" x 34" x 14" 40" x 46" x 14"
12 Gallons
41 Gallons
70 Gallons
Max Flowrate 1200gph
Fountain Size Up to 12"H
Up to 100lb
Up to 24"H
Up to 800lb
Up to 36"H
Up to 1200lb
*Ships by truck freight, which requires that you be present at time of delivery. Freight company will call to schedule an appointment.

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