Replacement Matala® Filter Mats for Blue Thumb Skimmer Filters

Blue Thumb


Replacement Matala® filter mats are available for Blue Thumb (formerly PondBuilder) Elite Series Skimmers, Crystal Falls Skimmers, and Serenity Skimmers. 

Compatible with Blue Thumb Product Dimensions
MT8GR Small Elite Skimmer (8" Weir) 16" x 12.7"
MT10GR Medium Elite Skimmer (10" Weir) 19.2" x 14.5"
MT15GR Large Elite Skimmer (15" Weir) 23.4" x 19.2"
CRYMAT8 Crystal Falls Skimmer (7.5" Weir) 16" x 12.7"
SERMATSK Serenity Skimmer (7.5" Weir) 12" x 12.7" x 1.25"

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