Matala Green Filter Kits for Blue Thumb Elite Waterfall Filters


SKU: WFP00139

Maximize the biological filtering capacity of Blue Thumb (formerly PondBuilder) Elite waterfall filters by completely filling them with Matala® green filter material.  This creates an increased surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize and clean and polish the water.

Item # Compatible Product Filter Mat
Filter Mat
WFP00139 Small Elite Falls (14") 12" x 12.625" 8pcs 8lb
WFP00140 Medium Elite Falls (22") 11" x 21.25" 12pcs 20lb
WFP00141 Large Elite Falls (30") 15" x 19.25" 18pcs 30lb
WFP00142 Extra Large Elite Falls (40") 16" x 39" 15pcs 50lb

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