Christy's® Red Hot Blue Glue® and Purple Primer®


SKU: IT04006

Red Hot Blue Glue®
Christy's® Red Hot Blue Glue® is an original all-weather, wet or dry PVC cement preferred by professional contractors because it makes the strongest joints and will last as long as the pipes and fittings themselves!
  • Excellent in wet or damp conditions
  • Fast-setting, or fast-curing
  • Can be used without primer through 6" diameter pipe (Please note: local code may require primer)
  • Has excellent "gap filling" capacity
  • Safe for fish
SKU UPC Code Size
RH-RHBG-QP-48 044752100045 4oz
RH-RHBG-PT-24 044752100168 16oz
RH-RHBG-QT-12 044752100328 32oz

Purple Primer®
Christy's® Purple Primer® is a professional-grade, aggressive primer for use on PVC and CPVC pipes and fittings. It softens pipe and fittings prior to application of solvent cement. Its purple color enables visual confirmation that primer has been applied. Not for use on ABS pipe and fittings.

SKU UPC Code Size
RH-PURP-QP-24 044752600040 4oz

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