Color-Changing LED Light Strips for Acrylic or Stainless Steel Weirs

Water Landscape Supply


These color-changing LED light strips can be used with acrylic or stainless steel weirs. They work great with Sheer Falls, Sheer Flow and Sheer Cascade weirs! Can be used in or out of water. Includes transformer and power cord.
  • Remote control allows you to change color, pattern (flashing or blending), and speed
  • Cycle between red, green, blue, white, orange, yellow, cyan and purple!
SKU Color Light Width Compatible Weirs
CCLS12 Multicolor 11.4" 11"-12" Wide
CCLS24 Multicolor 23.3" 23"-24" Wide
CCLS36 Multicolor 35.25" 35"-36" Wide
CCLS48 Multicolor 47.13" 47"-48" Wide
CCLS60 Multicolor 58.75" 59"-60" Wide

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