Complete Aquatics JuniorFalls™ Pondless Water Feature Kit

Complete Aquatics

SKU: KIT00532

The JuniorFalls™ Kit by Complete Aquatics allows you to install a pond-less cascade using professional-grade components without needing to browse through dozens of products. Comes pre-packaged with everything needed to install a 5' waterfall feature in only a few hours. The basin size is 28" x 44" x 22" deep.

Kit Includes:
  • Waterfall Spillway: Oasis FastFalls™
  • Pump Vault: Oasis Pump Vault
  • SustainTanks™: (2) Large
  • Liner: 8' x 15' 45mil EPDM Fish-safe liner
  • Underlayment: 150 sq. ft.
  • Pump: CA3500 ProficientFlow™ High Efficiency Asynchronous Pump
  • Plumbing: 1.5" x 20' Flex PVC & Pump Discharge Assembly
  • Installation Tools: PVC Cement & Silicone Sealant
  • Water Treatment: 8oz Algae-Off®

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